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Kids’ Pamper Parties

Throw a party your little ones will never forget. Petit Powder Room offers something unique to families across the east coast, helping them spoil their kids on their special day. This birthday, give them something they’ll always love and never forget with our range of beautiful packages.

Available at a range of price points, the Petit Powder Room range of packages has something for every party size and interest. Whether you want to give your child a day of music, games, and craft or let them decorate themselves with hair coloured chalk and floral makeup, we’ve got something perfect for you. Talk to our team today and discover why we’re the first choice of parents from Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane and across the country

The ultimate children’s party

We know that they’re just as bored as you are of the same party every year, so we want to do something different. At Petit Powder Room, we offer parties customised to what your children loves. We give them the chance to make and wear their own face mask, have their hair styled, curled or straightened by our fabulous hosts, play dress ups with flower crowns and feathers, create their own foot spa mixture, and have their faces adorned with beautiful, organic flora shades and bio-glitter.

Petit Powder Room is a labour of love, born out of founder Susie Jane’s years of entertaining and educating children and love of formulating natural bath and skincare products. With a focus on fun, organic and sustainable fun, our parties are the cleaner, greener and better way to celebrate another birthday. To spread the joy, a portion of all profits are donated to the Make a Wish foundation, as well as various animal welfare and environmental organisations. If you’d like to put a smile on your child’s face that won’t come off for days, book one of our kids’ pamper parties today.

Available in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Start a conversation with the team at Petit Powder Room and book us for your little one’s next birthday in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Call us today on 0425 762 829 or send us your questions through our contact page or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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