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Natural Bath Time Fun!

Get creative and mix up your own special potions to pop into the tub !

You can also use these recipes to make a foot spa. All ingredients are edible - except if you choose add the pure essential oils.

You might also wish to pick some pretty flowers from your garden to float on the water.. soo beautiful !

Ingredients you can use ;

Salts - Natural sea salt or Himalayan crystal salts,

Mineral Rich & softens the skin

Bicarbonate of Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Softens water & soothes irritated skin

Oat flour (or oatmeal)

Very soothing, good for eczema & itchy skin

Coconut milk

Moisturising and nourishing to skin

Oils - Coconut, Virgin Olive oil , Almond oil

Essential Oils (pure)

Refer to Face mask Blog post

Natural food dyes

Edible Flower Petals - to float

Love & Positive vibes

We use pretty pink Himalayan Salts with bicarbonate of soda and oils. All ingredients used for your magic bath potions, are natural and your skin will love you. You can mix some or all of the ingredients above as available to you.

1 Base 1/2 to 1 cup - Salts, bicarbonate of soda and or oat flour

2. 1-2 Teaspoons - Oils- Coconut milk, Olive, coconut or Almond oil.

3 Aromatics and colour- Add 1-2 drops of favorite essential oil into above oils and a few drops of natural food dye. (both optional)

4. Mix all the ingredients well and sprinkle in some love and good vibes.

5.Add the the bath water and soak up all the magical aromatic goodness!

*Please note- It is not recommended to use refined table salt or refined cooking oils

Stay curious ,more fabulously fun recipes to come!

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